The Resurrectionist is a Speculative Fiction series which follows a teenage protagonist named William Stark who’s forced to grow up in a peculiar town with an ominous past. Millersville is located near the Appalachian Mountains in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania. Nicknamed the Devil’s Rendition of Sedona Arizona; Millersville was made famous by a documentary on the paranormal some fifteen years ago. Now, its occult shops, eclectic restaurants, and haunted ghost tours attract fright seekers, paranormal investigators, and even brave vacationers who seek to break free from the monotony of cliched travel. Join William and take a trip to Millersville, a place where the mystical and supernatural blend and the worlds of men and spirit collide. May the angels guide your heart, but beware of the darkness, for the ghosts of the past may come back to haunt you.

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