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The Resurrectionist Book III
Roots Beneath the Pines

Lucas Pine moved from Philadelphia to Millersville, his family looking for a change of pace and a chance at prosperity after his mother got a job offer she couldn’t refuse. Millersville might not be the ideal place to raise a family, but when you're adventurous anything is possible, even in a town that owns a macabre past it can’t escape from. Tragedy happens all too often in a town nicknamed The Devil’s Rendition of Sedona Arizona. Tourism is the name of the game in Millersville; ghost travel and fright seeking are what’s for sale. The legend and lore created by the disturbed Sunny Miller lives on. Folks come from all around, hoping to be transformed and catch a glimpse of what lies beyond the world of the five senses. Hop on a tour trolley and grab a pint. Stop in for a bite at one of the local haunts. Don’t forget your camera, you might be the one to catch something paranormal on your phone and become the next thing trending. You never know what’s lurking around the corners and in the darkest shadows. Join the Pines and return to Millersville, where the worlds of men and spirit are sure to collide in this third installment of the Resurrectionist series: Roots Beneath the Pines.

Roots Beneath the Pines in a fantastic stand alone suspense novel. Start with Book III and immerse yourself in a mystical town and unravel the Pine family's deepest secrets.