Variety is a Blessing: 11/17/20

Dear brother and fellow spiritual soul. Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts. Yes, gratitude for the blessings we receive from the father helps to create an even stronger bond. The more gratitude we have, the more the abundance will continue to flow. A positive attitude will help in all areas of life. We understand the trials of earth life, for we have been through them. The earth life is not an easy endeavor for anyone. Some are born into more material privilege than others, but with this can also come an increased sense of pressure to maintain the status quo. Know this, we are all on our own unique life path. Your life path is different than ours and it is different than every other soul in the world. That is why each life, each soul is so precious to God. Variety is a great gift and blessing from God. With this uniqueness comes great opportunity to learn and grow. Just imagine, when all the souls that are currently on earth at this time finally reach the high spiritual heavens there will be much knowledge shared. Many treasures and gifts are gained through each soul's experience. We all learn from each other. You learn from us, and we learn from you, because you walk a different path. Be grateful for this variety. Too many on your world are afraid of what is different. They feel that if something is different it must be bad. This is a construct of the mind. This mindset must be overcome in order to advance spiritually. This mindset is often born from human experience, humans are unique in that they are both animal and spirit. Our human brains do have some ancestral hard wiring that is indeed a survival mechanism. It is somewhat true that when things are unfamiliar we need to act with caution. Yes, this has it's function and is still useful today. Please see it for what it is thought. It is good to act with caution in new and unfamiliar settings, but shed the belief that just because something is different it is automatically bad. Embrace what is different and grow from variety. Thank you for writing and connecting today. We love you. God loves you. Be well. God bless you.

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