Timothy: 9/9/20

Dear brother, we are with you. It is I, Timothy. Thank you so much dear brother for taking the time to sit and communicate. Do this often my dear friend. For it is the stillness, sitting in silent awareness which allows your mind to quiet down and hear the father's voice. Yes, the father is quiet and soft spoken. That is his essence. He is love. So many on your world believe that the father in heaven is a loud and angry being, bent on punishing the people of earth. That is why Jesus came to the world so many years ago, to dispel this image of an angry God that mankind has created in his mind. I assure you, dear brother, that God is not like this. Anger is not his way. His is the way of love and kindness. This was the message of Jesus so long ago, but still runs true today as much as it did then. Your world is in desperate need of love and kindness. Mankind has not yet learned the way of the soul. Mankind has created an image of how he thinks the world should be. This image of how the world should be is not in harmony with the image God holds of the world. Change is coming and will continue to come dear brother. Fear not, God will guide and provide. Your task is to illuminate the way for others. Be an example of love. Show the path of the soul and not the mind. The mind is continually bombarded with all sorts of untruths, fears, misinformation, and half truths. How can we over come this? By letting go of the mind. See the mind for what it truly is. The mind is a great and useful tool, but God does not exist in the mind. God lives in the soul. When the mind is busy, fearful, and unruly, simply say a prayer to the father for peace to come to the mind. Sit and focus on God and his love, repeat his name if it helps you to focus and quiet the mind. Fear lives in the mind, and it is an illusion. When we let go of our thoughts, we begin to see the truth that God's love is all around us and we are loved no matter what difficulties and challenges we are going through. Yes, challenges will come. They help to shape and guide our future, for our future is eternal. Mortal life is just the beginning, kindergarten if you will. It is a great and important step on the journey towards the father's kingdom and atonement with him. Peace be with you. My love is with you. There are many others here who love you dearly. Be an example of love for others. God bless you. We love you. God loves you. Our love is with you.

Writer's note* Timothy is a name I receive often. I believe he is a guide that has been with me for a long time. He associates with the Christian religion and is a follower of Jesus and his teachings of love. Timothy is an evolved spirit and resides in the high spiritual spheres of love.

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