Faith: 10/20/20

Dear friend and brother, it is Timothy. I am with you always. Thank you for writing and connecting with us in the spiritual realm. What a gift this is. Please continue to do so, as we've said before, connecting with spirit, whether it be in prayer, meditation, journaling, or meditative writing as you call it, will always strengthen the bond between us and help you grow in faith. Today's message is about faith. The Kingdom of God is built on faith is it not? It most certainty is. Do you know if God really exists? In truth you do because you have experienced God within your soul. Can you prove this? Can you show God to somebody else? No, you can not, because God is not of the mind. The mind exists in the physical world. The soul is spiritual. The mind exists in time and space, God has transcended time and space. God exists in the eternal now, outside of the the realm of the mind, for the mind can only be in the past or thinking of the future. For it is when we slow our minds, when we sit in the silence of the soul and ask God to fill our souls with divine love, do we truly experience his grace, love, and presence. Our faith grows and is strengthened through his love. That is why it is so important to practice daily meditation, slow the mind, for the mind is man's greatest tool, but also his greatest distraction. This takes effort my beloved friend. This takes commitment to come to the father and receive his blessing of love. We are not asking the impossible, for we know our brothers and sisters in the physical world have may responsibilities and obligations to meet in their daily lives. We do ask that you set aside a small amount of time each day to meditate and pray. Quiet the mind and know that you are love. God bless you. Our love is with you. My name is Timothy. Call on me often. I am always near. We love you.

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