Thought and Mental Energy: 11/23/20

Dear brother and friend, thank you for the kind thoughts. We would like to deliver a message on thought and intention today. It is very true that we create our own realities by the thoughts we choose to hold in our minds. Many thoughts, random thoughts, billions of them bombard the mind on a continual basis. Which ones stick? This is important to know, for it is the thoughts that stick, the ones that we focus on that are the thoughts that create our reality. Often it is the thoughts that have an emotional charge that stick to us. These thoughts can be positive or negative based upon our unique experience. Thoughts that do not resonate with us on an intellectual or emotional level will simply move out of our energy field. The thoughts that stick will attract other, similar thoughts. These thoughts attract one another like a magnet and build upon each other. You can see how this becomes useful. These thoughts are the building blocks of creation. For example, spirit may hear the mind and thoughts of a human on earth, this human may have a natural talent for complex mathematical understanding. If this human is attracted to mathematics, spirit will send increasing thoughts to that individual. It is up to the individual's free will to determine which thoughts will resonate and stick to the mind. The mind in many ways is like a radio. It sends signals into the universe and the universe responds by sending signals back to the individual. Of course, if you don't like the signals you are getting you can always change the channel. This is important, if our minds become fixated on negative thoughts or on thoughts that we would rather not have, that is what we will receive, for the universe will respond to the signals we send out. Often, people are unaware of their own thought patterns and how destructive they can be. It is important to practice mindfulness, and to be aware of our thoughts and what we allow into our thought fields. As always, ask God for help with this. As we pray for God's divine love, this love will fill our souls and bubble over into our minds. Our thoughts will naturally become more loving, positive, and harmonious as God's love continues to enter our souls. Be well friend. We love you. God bless you.

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