The World Needs Love: 1/10/21

Dear friend and brother, student of divine love. Thank you for connecting with spirit this morning. We wish to share the truth of God's love with you and all people on earth. Much love is needed on the planet earth at this time. We are calling all workers of light to listen to your souls. Feel and hear our calls. Pray to God to fill your soul with his divine love. Seek to be a channel of love in this world, for if you seek to be of loving service and in alignment with God, many opportunities will follow. God will place opportunity in your path, it is up to each individual to choose this path. This path will not always be an easy path, for there are many challenges that go along with being a servant of God. Many will reject this path and calling. This is unfortunate but it is a product of free will. There are many energies in the world that are created by people who are out of harmony with God and his love. These are the energies of lower vibrations; greed, power, individualism for the purpose of raising the self above others. These energies are created by the pursuit of people who wish to bend the world to their own image rather than see it in the image of God's creation. Pray often, for this is the key. God will continue to flood the world with light and love until more and more eyes are open. The path forward will emerge, but many growing pains await. Humanity must choose. It must choose a path of love, for if it does not, the earth will be unable to sustain its self. The earth is a living sphere. Energies must be in balance for it to be a peaceful and harmonious place for all inhabitants. Pray for this balance. Ask God to be of service to your fellow man and he will provide many opportunities. Be well today. Know that we are with you and all people who choose to serve the light. We love you. God loves you. Peace be with you.

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