The Devil is a Construct of the Mind: 12/12/20

Dear friend and fellow soul on the spiritual path. May God's love be with you today. Thank you for your prayers. We are always near. We do seek to guide and influence you and others in a positive way. We never do this against the will of the individual. In the spirit, like attracts like. This is commonly known as the law of attraction. We are drawn to you by your thoughts and the signals that your soul sends out into the universe. These souls signals are vibrations or waves of energy. Each soul vibrates and sends out it's own unique energies. Those in spirit respond to these energies and we assist in any way we can. It is important to seek thoughts that are loving and positive, because negative thoughts will attract negative energies and lower spiritual beings. However, there is no such thing demonic possession. This is a construct of the mind and something that is often sensationalized by writers, books, TV, and movies. It is however a truth that spirits will seek to influence humans by sending energies into their spiritual auras and mental thought fields. If there is a strong enough connection, a low spirit may be successful in influencing a human with low spiritual development. There can be some danger here. Prayer is the key to protection. These lower beings can not break through the love and light of God. These energies are relatively weak. They only gain power if we give them power. It is true that you can not comprehend the glories of heaven and it also works the other way too. You can not comprehend the depravity of the low hells. These unfortunate beings exist in these low vibrating spiritual planes because of their own choice and making. God and his angels are always reaching out to these poor unfortunate souls. Unfortunately, they are not willing to reach back. Some of these beings are quite strong in their realms and look to cause trouble by pulling others downs to their level. They feed off of negative energy and are constantly creating more negative energy. As we have said, the key to overcoming negative energies is the love and light of God. God is far more powerful than any being in the lower realms. God is alone and has no equal. There is no duality. There is no ultimate evil-doer. There is no devil or Satan. The concept of Satan is another construct of the mind and grew from the collective consciousness of humans throughout the ages as a way to help them understand why bad things sometimes happen, and help them to explain things that they couldn't understand. The Satan figure has been romanticized by various writers and philosophers, but he is nothing more than a figment of the imagination. People tend to want to place blame when bad things happen. Ancient people believed that when bad things happened it was due to some angry deity, but there are only low spirits in the hells. Some of these low spirits can be real devils in the sense that they shun the light and seek chaos. If a human being claims to be possessed by a demon, they are most likely responding to the influences of low and dark spiritual energies. These dark spirits seek to control one another and some are fairly powerful in this endeavor, but they will not ever be able to overcome the light. God bless you. We love you.

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