Taming the Mind: 10/6/20

Dear brother, good morning, welcome to another opportunity to seek the father's love and take one more step on your journey. It may not always seem like you're making progress, but indeed you are. Each day is a great opportunity to pray and bring love into the world. This brings you closer to us and to God. Spread this love where ever you go. Cultivate and create joy in your life. Use this for the benefit of yourself and for others. This can be a difficult task indeed and progress can be very slow, but know that each day is a step forward, for God will never remove his divine love from us. That is his promise. Love is a gift freely given and never taken away. Sometimes this love can lay dormant in our souls, this happens because our minds get in the way and block this love from it's free flow. So important is it to make efforts to tame our minds. We do not ask the impossible, you are only human. You will experience frequent thoughts which are out of harmony with God and which are not of love. This is normal, remember, life on the physical plane is merely kindergarten. It's the important first school onwards towards the kingdom of heaven. There is no rush. Time doesn't exist in our world. If you make mistakes, if you don't complete every lesson on earth, you will be provided opportunities to complete them in the spiritual realms. This is a learning process which prepares us for eternal life in the father's glorious kingdom of heaven. Much work remains to be done. For now, learn to recognize when your mind is unruly and your thoughts are out of harmony with peace and love. When this happens simply stop, close your eyes, take a deep breath, ask God to help, turn your mind to him and open your heart to his love. Peace will then come to your mind and you will regain your balance. Be well my friend, take care, we love you. Our love is with you. God loves us all. God bless you.

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