Stay Balanced: 8/26/20

Dear bother, thank you for coming to us. Your mind is out of harmony and balance this morning. That is ok, media is a big distraction. The circumstances of your world are a big distraction right now. Fear not, you are protected and this turmoil is temporary. Turmoil will come but so will truth. The truth of God's love will bring healing to the world and set it free. You are correct in your assumption and intuition. Many people on earth are out of balance with God's laws of love and simply do not know it. They are choosing to look at the world through the eyes of the mind and not through the eyes of the soul. God is raising the consciousnesses of people everywhere. Many of these souls are innocent. They are regular people as you say. They provide for themselves and their families and make a sincere effort to follow God's will, but many are devoid of the knowledge of a direct personal relationship with the creator through divine love. Truth in coming to these folks and to the world, of that you can be assured. Pray my dear brother. Pray often and meditate when your mind is out of harmony because of all the events taking place on your planet. It is easy to be pulled astray right now. You must be strong. Exercise your free will and disengage from the world when negative thoughts overcome you. Do not allow yourself to become swept away by anger and the ways of the world. Light is coming and this light is opening the eyes of many people on your planet. Anger is a result of this awakening. Pray, be a channel of love. This is the key to awakening humanity. Be a symbol of hope. Carry a sign if you feel inclined. If anyone asks, tell them it's hope. Be a living example. People will see without you knowing and they will feel love in their hearts. Be assured of this. We love you. Our love is with you.

*Writers note: I woke up this morning to see many headlines regarding current politics in the United States and quickly became filled with negative energies and emotions that were out of harmony with God's love.

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