Spiritual Strength: 11/5/20

Dear brother and friend, the energies on your world are complex and dark right now. People must turn to God in love and prayer. We have told you many times that the world is in a period of great and intense change. This will not be easy for anyone. These changes have come about due to the prayers of God's children for truth and light to flood the world. Sometimes we must go through the darkness in order to see the light. People will tire of politian's in due time. They will begin to see how the minds of politian's are bent towards power and control. They will do anything to keep this power. This is not God's way. In time people will begin to see this for themselves. Change will come. God has a plan. The world was designed for everyone to live in harmony and prosperity, but this hasn't been the case. A select few of elites have tried to keep the wealth for themselves while working to suppress the masses. Stay vigilant and be patient. Turn to prayer, for this is the key to overcoming the darkness. When your soul is aligned with God, you are always guided, protected, and loved. Fear not. We are with you always and we will come often. Trust your internal guidance and intuition, remain humble, and things will fall into place at the divine right time. The changes and challenges your planet is going through are intense but they will get better. Much love is coming to the world. This love will bring truth and set people free. Remain strong and faithful. Pray often. Ask God for guidance and trust what is received. Ask God to fill your soul with his divine love and you will grow spiritually. God bless you. We love you. God loves you.

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