Spiritual Purpose: 12/18/20

Dear child of God and soul on the divine love spiritual path. We would like to touch on the topic of spiritual purpose and soul mission today. Some souls incarnate on the earth plane for the purposes of achieving a special goal or purpose. Others come to earth to learn, experience, and grow spiritually. Spiritual purpose is not what a person does for a living. They can be tied together on some levels, but overall, we are much more than our jobs or careers. Many folks fall into the trap of tying their identity to what they do for a living. What someone does for a living can be tied to their spiritual growth, but ultimately they will out grow the lessons once they are learned and a natural desire to move on will kick in. A person's life purpose or spiritual purpose is often layered and complex. There may be or come a point in life when a person is needed to fulfill a job or position, but that position is not meant to last forever. These folks tend to be utility players and have multiple layers to their divine mission. Often, a person's spiritual purpose is to be a channel of light, love, and truth in the world. This is the ultimate goal. How one reaches this goal and expresses these truths is up to the individual and the gifts they discover within their souls. Some have gifts of leading, teaching, writing, healing, art, and working with their hands to create. All humans were made to create. The father in heaven is a creator and so are his children. This doesn't mean you must create immaculate works of art, but we are always in a state of creation. You create when you help a child look at something in a different way. Love and creation are key components to one's spiritual mission on earth. Be a co-creator with God. When you seek to create ways to bring love into the world, know that you are aligning yourself with very powerful energies that exist in the universe. God and his angels and high spirits seek to build bridges with humans who seek to create and serve God with in the world. Be well. God bless you. We love you.

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