Spiritual Guidance: 11/27/20

Dear friend and soul on the divine love path. God bless you this morning. Our love is with you. Today we will deliver a message on guidance. Spiritual guidance is a gift from God. Every mortal on your planet has at least one guide here in spirit, often mortals have more guides, for there are many more spirits than mortals. We in spirit are eager to build bridges between your world and ours. This is a gift. Some guides will come into a person's life when they are going through a certain phase, when the phase is complete the guide will move on. Think of these as specialty guides. There are also guides who are with a mortal for their entire earth life, from birth to death. There are many types of guides. Some assist with protection, some with thought correction, others with soul development, knowledge, and wisdom. You will attract guides based on the signal your soul sends out. Each soul is blessed and unique. Guides are not all knowing, but we do see things from a higher perspective. We are able to read potential energies and help to guide mortals based on potential outcomes. We assist you with keeping your thoughts light and harmonious. We boost self esteem by radiating the love that the father gives us. We are gatekeepers. If there are things you shouldn't know, you will not know them. Fear not, for we can never violate your free will. If you ask a spirit guide to go, it will go. You can also ask for it's return, but know that nobody is truly ever without guidance. Nobody is ever truly alone, even though it can seem that way sometimes. We assist by giving insight into certain situations. When people are struggling and all of the sudden they have an ah-ha moment, chances are that a spirit guide and friend helped them find their inspiration. We in spirit are all connected, we know that you are connected, and we are all connected to the father. Call on us often. We are here to assist you and millions of others. There is nothing that we can not do. Trust the guidance you receive. Let got of negative thoughts, doubts, people, and situations. God bless you. Be well. We love you. Our love is with you.

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