Spiritual Change and Growth: 10/26/20

Dear brother, thank you for connecting with spirit this morning. May God's love fill your soul. The energy of his divine love is all around you, just waiting for your invitation to enter. Yes, it takes an open mind. It takes soul felt prayer. God's love is real energy, a life force if you will, that can heal and uplift, inspiring growth and change. This love is given freely to all those who seek it. As more and more souls awaken to this love it will become more common place. You will see changes and shifts upward. Society will become less judgmental of one another. People will feel increased happiness. More emphasis will be placed on loving one another and following the Golden Rule. Less emphasis will be placed on the material aspect of life. Sure, the material aspect of earth life is important, for you have many responsibilities and obligations that require your time and effort. You simply can not ignore the physical requirements or you would eventually perish. Yes, material things are important, but mankind has placed this importance above God in many ways. Change needs to happen. Humanity will learn to place it's thoughts on God. As this change occurs all of mankind's physical and material requirements will be met by God. For God truly provides for the needs of his children. Watch the birds, do they fear? No, God provides. God will always provide as you go about your daily affairs. As society begins to change and shift more people will begin to realize this awareness of God's energy in their lives. A change in thought patterns will occur. More people will begin to look out for the needs of others and not so much the needs of themselves. Businesses will place their emphasis on improving the communities they serve and less emphasis on profits. For when one does better, the whole of society does better. This will take time. Changes of this magnitude don't happen over night. Much work needs to be done, but change will come. Each individual needs to experience change within themselves. It starts with prayer. As you become more filled with light, this light will be felt by others. It will spread across the land. God's light and love will grow exponentially and cover the earth. Be well, God bless you. We love you.

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