Soul of Jesus: 11/15/20

Dear brother and student on the divine love spiritual path. We thank you for the opportunity to connect with you and deliver a message today. The message for today is regarding the soul of Jesus. Yes, a most beautiful soul indeed. A soul that shines a thousand times brighter than the sun in all it's glory. Jesus is a very humble soul. As you grow in faith and spirit you will find this to be so. His home is in the highest heavens. He is the closest spirit to the likeness of God. His home is not what you would call glitzy or glamorous. It is beautiful, but humble, for our homes in the spiritual realm reflect the true nature of our souls. That is the soul of Jesus. He has no desire to outshine any other soul or spirit in the heavens. Jesus came to your earth to teach humanity about God's gift of divine love and to break mankind free from current mindsets and beliefs related to God being an angry God. I assure you, there is not a drop of anger in God's loving soul. This was Jesus' true mission on earth, teaching mankind about God and his love. Contrary to popular Christian belief, Jesus was not sent by God to die on the cross and save man from his sins. This belief is simply not true and needs to be let go. Too many well intentioned souls get hung up on this belief. In a way, it causes a spiritual stagnation. People rest assured in this false belief and never truly embark on the great quest to come to the father in prayer and true soul yearning for the gift of divine love. This is most unfortunate, for when these souls come to world of spirits, they quickly realize this error and feel regret. Never the less, once they discover the truth their journey begins here in spirit, for there are many angels and high spirits waiting to spread the truth to newly arrived souls. Yes, Jesus did die a terrible death of crucifixion on the cross, but his blood does not have the power to wash away sin. Only the love of God can do this. The priests and authority figures at that time felt Jesus to be a threat to their livelihoods. Jesus was too radical for many of the people at that time and unfortunately he was sentenced to die. The good news is that Jesus' mission was a success, even though it was cut short. Jesus taught the world of God's great love, he continues to teach this truth today to the millions of souls in the spiritual realm. Jesus comes to millions on earth as well. He will never return in the flesh, but continues to guide and teach mortals who truly yearn for God's love, light, and truth. God bless you. We will come again soon. Call on us often. We love you dearly. Be well. God bless you dear soul.

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