Soul Mission: 10/4/20

Good morning dear brother and fellow traveler on the divine love path. Thank you for taking time to communicate. We are very pleased to come to you and deliver a message today. What is a soul mission? Yes, souls come to earth for many reasons. Many times people ask, What is my purpose? What shall I do here? Well, these are complex questions. It is true that we all have gifts and talents that are freely given by God. Part of our mission's on earth are to discover and develop these talents. How can we use these talents to spread joy to others? How can our gifts bring love to humanity? These are major overlapping themes of our soul's mission. What gifts do you have to offer? The reasons need not be complex. They are simple. Jesus had a mission to bring the truth of God's love to humanity. He came to be an example of God's love and ability to heal. Jesus was a great healer. Modern medicine is only starting to scratch the surface of healing. True healing is done at the level of the soul, a soul filled with love will spread to the mind and out into the world around. Thinking positive and loving thoughts creates a loving energy vibration in the physical body which promotes faster healing and a stronger immune system. These are just small examples. The possibilities are endless. Jesus also came to dispel illusions that mankind created in it's mind. One such illusion was the idea that a person needed to pay or buy his way into the kingdom of God. You recall the biblical story of Jesus and the temple? This story is true. Jesus taught people that they could have a direct relationship with God through praying for his divine love to enter and fill their souls. God requires no payment. God wants nothing from us, only our love. It truly is unfortunate that Jesus' mission was cut short. You see, the priest's at the time saw him as a threat to their incomes and livelihoods. They were so angered and enraged by this that they had him killed. We have told you many times that it wasn't God's will that Jesus die on the cross, it was the will of man. Never the less, Jesus' mission was a great success. To discover one's mission one must look within the soul. Discover one's gifts, ask what am I good at? What do I like to do? What brings me true joy? Then go and do those things. Find a way to share these gifts with the world so that they my also grow in truth and love. In a lot of ways we choose our mission based on God's great gift of free will. God bless you, we love you. Our love is always near.

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