Seek to Live a Balanced Life: 1/12/21

Dear friend and brother on the divine love spiritual path towards atonement with God. Thank you for connecting with spirit this morning. Continue with your morning prayers for peace and God's love to fill your soul. These prayers bring many blessings to you and those around you. God's divine love will pour out. Prayer sets the tone for each day. If each person on planet earth began their day with prayer the world would change in an instant. Unfortunately, you and all people on earth are subjected to and bombarded with a barrage of distractions; media, internet, social platforms. All things that are set to distract you and others from your true purpose which is to build a personal relationship with God and fill your soul with his love, while spreading love into the world. Seek to live a balanced life. Take time to pray and mediate each day. For this is how you develop and strengthen your relationship with God. We know that the distractions of the earth plane are numerous and many. We know that you live in this world and thus are subjected to these distractions, but see them for what they truly are, illusions. When illusion and distraction become too much, remember to turn away and turn to God. A simple thought is all it takes for you to bring yourself back into alignment. With much darkness on earth at this time it is vital that people turn away from time to time and reach out to God. We are here. We are always guiding you towards balance. Seek a balanced life. Balance keeps us afloat and keeps us from tipping over when the seas of life become a little rough. Be well. We love you. God loves you dearly. God bless you and all people of earth. May your find the balance you seek.

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