Religion: 10/24/20

Dear brother and friend, may God's love surround you . May our loving energies swirl in your aura. Feel our loving presence for we are always near. God wishes to fill your soul with his gift of love. His loving essence is so beautiful, uplifting, and healing. Come to God often. Sit in silent meditation, contemplation, and prayer. Here you will find all you need, all that you seek is within you and God never withholds his love. Each soul is a blessing to humanity. Each soul is beloved by God. Yes, even souls whom you may consider to be rouge. No one is truly lost from God, even when a soul does stray from God, they are always connected. Much like the teaching of the prodigal son. God, in his ever patient ways, will always wait for our return. There is value in the lessons we learn on earth, some souls appear to do great things, some not so great, and some nothing at all. We should work hard not to place judgement on ourselves or others, for everyone's path to God is unique. No two paths are the same. Many will fall into the trap of false belief, thinking that Christianity is the only way to God, or Buddhism is the right way, or Islam is the one true religion. These are all false beliefs my friend. In some ways they have done much to slow the spiritual progression of mankind. Religion can be a great teacher, but when we cling to our beliefs and assume they are the only truth, we build walls and barriers in our minds. These walls push us farther away from the truth that God loves all people regardless of religious affiliation. It doesn't matter what language you pray in or what words you say. God hears the calling of your soul. He feels your energy and the energy of your soul. The soul is the bridge to God. The soul is what was created in his image. The soul is eternal. People are often too quick to pass judgement on the life choices of others, but they don't see the eternal plan for that soul, they can only see the earth life of the soul, but the earth life is just a small part of the whole of a person's journey to God. Know that religion is something that people use to try and come closer to God. All will find God whom truly seek him. How you get there matters not to God. That is his promise. Be well. We love you. God loves you. You are blessed.

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