Reincarnation is a construct of the mind: 12/3/20

Dear friend and spiritual soul on the divine love path towards God's angelic realms. Yes, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. This teaching has been given by others and it is a true teaching. It is our eternal soul that will live forever with our beautiful creator. We come to this earth for a very intense period of learning. This period is brief when compared to eternity. You will only experience the earth life once so cherish it, learn from it, and grow from it. Always honor the lessons learned and the time given, for they are gifts from God. There are many, millions upon millions, of souls here in spirit who believe that they will one day return to the earth in the flesh. To our knowledge, this has never happened. The belief in reincarnation is merely a construct of the mind. There is no real danger in this belief, but as with all beliefs, at some point, spirits here will simply let go of this belief and move on to a higher consciousness. Once a soul enters a physical body it will only happen once. Even a soul who is born into the flesh, but dies a day later, or due to complications of child birth will not return to the flesh. These souls will develop in the spirit. There are many spirits here who dedicated themselves to the upbringing of children who have passed early. There are many souls who never had the opportunity to raise a child on earth and who always wanted this opportunity. Many of these young souls will be raised by these loving spirits. In some ways it is a bit of a tragedy when a child does not get the opportunity to experience the earth life, for there are many riches that come with the earth life. Many lessons to be learned which are now lost. Children who grow up in the spirit have a wonderful experience, for their experience is not subject to the difficulties of the earth life, but they also miss out on all that the earth life has to offer. There are many lessons a soul can learn by going through and experiencing the trials and tribulations of the earth and living a human life. All souls whether they be young or old, in spirit or in the flesh, are precious to God and loved beyond measure. We are always evolving. From our perspective it really wouldn't make sense for us to return to earth. It would be like starting over. Be well. Be kind, spread love where ever you go. God bless you.

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