Prayer and Meditation: 11/13/20

Dear divine love son and follower of the spiritual path. What does it mean to follow a spiritual path? Following a spiritual path involves going within your soul and developing a direct connection to the eternal father, for the father lives within the soul. He is love. When we go within the soul we learn to listen to his small quiet voice. Yes, the father in heaven is very quiet indeed. This is his way. He is a most humble being. He will patiently wait for your call. We have told you before that often it is your mind that prevents you from hearing his voice. This is why prayer and meditation are so important. Prayer activates certain laws in the universe. Once these laws and energies are activated, a signal is sent to the father. The father will then send his loving energy, his divine love in response to our prayer. Often, when the mind is busy, we simply don't hear this response. Meditation takes practice, patience, and commitment. The more we practice the better we are able to quiet the mind and hear the voice of God. Humanity is mostly unaware of how powerful prayer really is. As we mentioned earlier, prayer activates laws in the universe. These laws in turn set certain energies in motion. These energies are very subtle, but very powerful. These energies have healing properties, as well as the ability to activate God's army of angels and high spirits. These angels and spirits are highly evolved in mind and soul. They are powerful healers and energy workers. They work behind the scenes to respond to the diverse needs of God's children everywhere. Call on them often, for nothing brings them greater joy than to assist mortals in their spiritual growth and journey towards the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to gain entrance into the father's kingdom a soul most be perfected in all ways. The journey is long, but the rewards are great. Keep striving, keep praying, you will reach your goal. There is no time, so take your time. Enjoy the ride is a common phrase on your earth. Please enjoy the ride. God bless you. We love you always. Be well.

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