Pray for Spiritual Gifts: 12/24/20

Dear student, brother, and friend. It is good to connect with you again. The holidays are upon your world. Many will celebrate for it is a time to reflect upon all the blessings that have been given. God designed the world to receive his many gifts. These gifts are meant to be shared by all and given to all. Many on your world will be lacking gifts this holiday season. We are not referring to material gifts, we are referring to spiritual gifts. Gifts of love, acceptance, and peace. The greatest gift is the gift of God's divine love. We have spoken of this gift many times and will continue to do so, for if the world were to receive this gift, so much light and love would come in. Pray for God's greatest gift to fill the souls of mortals and spirits who are lacking this holiday season. The efforts of a few can affect the many. There is a great awakening of love taking place on the planet earth. Many changes are coming and will continue to come. The material gifts of God will also be more evenly distributed. For God will no longer allow a small few to control the majority of the material realm. So many gifts in the material realm are controlled by an elite few and have been denied to God's children. The world continues to be thrust into turmoil, but this will change. Pray for change. Pray for light. Pray for spiritual gifts this holiday season. Most importantly pray for God's divine love. Change is slow and will not happen over night. Be patient and allow this turmoil to pass. Once the turmoil passes the world will know peace and love. Be well. We love you always. God bless you and all people everywhere.

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