Pray for Love to Spread: 12/22/20

Dear soul and student on the divine love path to God and the Kingdom of Heaven. We love you. God loves you and all of his children in both the physical and spiritual realm. Know that you are deeply blessed. Express this gratitude in prayer to the father and by being a channel of light and love. When we express our love for others more love will be returned to us. This is a great law in the spiritual realm and is also true in the physical world. When we give to others we also receive. We are all connected. Expressing love for your fellow man does not require grand gestures of benevolence and generosity. No, simple kindnesses are all that is required and often more powerful. So many in your world are in need of kindness, especially during this holiday season. Many songs are written about cheer during this time, but often, many suffer during the holidays, especially those experiencing loneliness and a lack of love. Know that all are loved by the father. The father will use those who are willing to be channels of love to people who are in need of love. The more we have, the more we are able to share. Pray for light to spread around the world this holiday season. The world is in need of light. People on your planet see an uncertain future. This is to be expected. We too see and uncertain future at times. We see things from a higher perspective but humanity ultimately chooses its own path and way. We can not interfere in this choosing. This is why we come to those who'll listen. It is of vital importance that the people of earth pray and increase their spiritual practice in whatever way works for them. Increased prayer will increase the level of light and love God is able to bestow upon the world. This is how the darkness will be drawn back and ultimately eliminated. Heaven will come to the earth and there will be a new earth and a new way, the way of God's divine love. God bless you.

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