Potential Dangers: 9/17/20

Dear brother, we are with you now. Yesterday you saw some indication of things to come while on your walk. This is an unfortunate affect of the current energies surrounding your world. We would not be showing you these things if they were not true. They are truth. The world needs prayer and love at this time. We know this is a difficult message to deliver. The message you read earlier this year has weighed on the back of your mind for quite some time. Your leaders are becoming desperate. They will do almost anything to keep the vision they have in their mind's eye and cling to it with talons drawn. The illusion of worldly power is mighty indeed. If they can't have this power they would rather that no one have it. Yes, they would rather destroy the world than see someone else control it. This is a great illusion, for what these world leaders don't realize is that God is in ultimate control. Their perceived notion of control is very minimal indeed. Does God violate their free will you ask? No, God never violates the free will of man, but certain factors do come into play that can limit the will of man. Time is once such factor, finity is another, for nothing in the material world is made to last forever. For no man or woman on your earth can escape the constraints of time and finity. We are all responsible for our time on earth. How we chose to use it is a great gift of free will. What you will see in the coming months and years will be the fall of the world elite. The time is drawing near. Fear not, we will guide you through this. Know that true spiritual leaders will emerge. These leaders will not be carrying a cross or waving a flag. They will not be leading with words and empty promises. They will be leading with love and true spiritual values. They won't be loud. They won't be seeking attention, for it is true that in your world, the "squeaky wheel gets the grease." This will all change my dear friend. Be alert, for the changes to come will not be easy for anyone. Spiritual growth is not necessarily an easy process, sometimes it is a great challenge, but rest assured it is well worth the effort. Humanity is growing through great changes and will continue to do so. We will guide you. You are safe, loved, and protected. We love you, our love is with you. God loves you all so, so dearly. God bless you my friend, be well.

Writer's note: I had seen other indications from spiritual writers that with the changes coming to the earth there is a possibility for war. Yesterday (9/16/20) was the first time I had received personal guidance about this possibility for war (I kept hearing Miami Florida...but not sure why). I have no ability to predict the future and do not claim to be able to do so. I simply try to follow the guidance I am given to the best of my ability. The key is to pray and follow your own personal guidance.

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