Nature of the Soul: 12/1/20

Dear friend and follower of divine love and the spiritual path. God is with you always. God is always near. A part of God lives in your soul and the souls of all his children on earth and in spirit. We come to touch on the subject of the soul. The soul is a difficult subject for us to teach because the soul is not well understood on your world. In order for a true teaching to come through you would need to have a fair understanding of the workings of the soul, never the less, we will offer a glimpse. The soul is energy. It is created in the likeness of God. The soul is eternal, it has existed before time and will exist forever. The soul is separate from the mind. The soul is not the physical or even spiritual body. The soul can exist separate from both the physical and spirit body. When you sleep at night your soul will often travel to the astral plane in spirit. Here you meet your guides and other spirits. You might receive instruction or guidance. Inside each soul contains a light. This light allows you to connect and be present with God. The soul is also the container and vessel for divine love. When we connect with God and pray for his gift of divine love he will send his holy spirit. The holy spirit then delivers divine love, which is the energy of God, into the souls of men and spirits. As we have said, divine love grows within our souls and aids in the development of the soul. Our thoughts become lighter and harmonious, our hearts become more joyful. We begin to see things from a higher perspective. We release the constraints of old, whether they be old materials, habits, thoughts, and out dated ways of being. This allows God to bring in the new. Divine love makes things new. We become more spiritual in nature. Things that used to bother us in the past we can now have an easier time letting go. This does require some effort by the mortal and spirit. We must seek divine love on a consistent basis. Divine love will never leave us, but it can become dormant. Like the muscles of our physical body, we must exercise them to keep healthy. The soul needs exercise too, through prayer, meditation, contemplation, and introspection. The soul contains many gifts which are given by God. We come to earth to open these gifts and continue to do so in spirit for all eternity. Honor and cherish the gift of the soul. Be well. We love you. God loves all people of earth and those in spirit so very dearly. God bless you.

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