Nature of Divine Love: 11/25/20

Dear brother, friend, and soul on the spiritual path. Thank you for taking time to connect with us today. Call on us often, for we never tire in our efforts to bring truth, understanding, light, and love to humanity. We would like to touch on the topic of divine love today. Divine love is a simple concept, but one that is not very well understood by humanity. Divine love is different than human love. Divine love is different from the love that you feel for your children. Divine love is the energy and essence of God. Divine love is a core teaching of Jesus. It is the substance of God and what God is made of. Divine love is given freely by God as a gift to mortals and spirits who seek it. We must ask for this gift, for God will never violate his law of free will. God does not require us to accept this gift. There are many spirits here that have no interest in receiving this gift. They are happy and fulfilled in whatever pursuits they choose to engage in. God does not condone or reject these beautiful souls, he loves them just as much as those who partake in this great gift of divine love. As this love enters the soul, it slowly transforms the soul into the likeness of God. As we have said before, you do not turn into God, but you become more like him. Your thoughts become happier, lighter, loving, patient and peaceful. These are the energies of God. Divine love aids in your spiritual growth and understanding. Divine love was central to the teachings of Jesus. You can see love reflected through the writers of the bible, but they too had a some what difficult time understanding and grasping the true nature of divine love. Some of the Christian Mystical writers have been able to grasp an understanding of this love over the course of history. Richard Rolle* is one such writer. There are others who also had a glimpse of the soul's nature. It is difficult for us to bring forth a true teaching about the soul, because your understanding of the soul is rudimentary and limited. Think of the soul and the mind as two separate entities. The mind is something we develop through our experiences and learning. The soul is a gift that we open. Your soul was created by God long before the earth existed. You chose to come to earth to open your gifts, in other words, open your soul. When your time on earth is done, you will return to spirit with your gifts, and here you will continue to open the gifts of your soul, for the gifts of the soul are infinite. Divine love helps aid in this process. Divine love helps us to appreciate the gifts of the soul. Divine love teaches us to live with joy in our hearts and allows us to give freely to others, for when we give freely, we also receive freely. Be well, we love you. Know that you have many friends here in spirit who are eager to help you along your journey and to assist you in developing the unique gifts of your soul. God bless you. We love you. God loves you dearly.

Writer's note* Many of the Christian Mystics throughout history have written about experiencing heat in the body during times of what they call “mystical experiences.” I too have experienced this sensation of heat at various times. I am told that this heat is related to the flowing of divine love into the soul. I have included a link if you would like to learn more about the life and writings of Richard Rolle.

There is also a famous biblical story in the book of Luke where Jesus walks with two of his followers on the Road to Emmaus which is one of the first recorded appearances of Jesus after his crucifixion. Both followers did not recognize Jesus who was now in spirit; and when Jesus leaves them, they finally recognize him due to the sensation of fire in their hearts. Luke 24:32

Don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t felt this heat sensation. I am told that many people have received divine love and are not even aware of it. Divine Love comes during moments where we feel a deep sense of connection with God and spirit. If you have a genuine desire to know and connect with God, then chances are that you have received the gift of divine love.

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