Message of Love: 9/5/20

Dear brother and friend. We are happy to deliver a message of love. Know that you are loved and deeply blessed. Stay true to your beliefs, but know that they are your beliefs. You're correct in your assumptions. Leaders around the world are a reflection of the level of consciousness development of the masses and collective consciousness of the people in their societies. The majority of Americans are good people, know this and believe this. Your two party political system can only yield one choice, which will never please everyone. Is there a better way? Choose the path of love. No matter who your leaders are, choose to love one another. This is the divine will of God. Be a beacon of light. You will receive guidance, rest assured in that. The time will come. Don't jump to the conclusions of others. Listen and keep your eye's open. You will hear the next steps you need to take on your journey towards the kingdom. In order to follow the true spiritual path you must look within for your own answers. Follow your own intuition and know what you are supposed to do. Take care of others and you will be taken care of. That is God's promise. We love you. Know our love is always with you. Big changes are coming that will bring harmony. Do not fear these changes. Warnings will come if needed. There will be time to prepare. God bless you. We love you.

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