Love is Energy: 10/8/20

Dear beloved brother, thank you for taking time to connect with us today. Starting a morning with prayer sets the tone for the remainder of the day. Prayer allows you to connect with God's love. God's love is all around us. This love we speak of is energy in substance. It is made of the soul of God, his essence. It permeates the universe and breathes life into all things. This loving energy has the power to heal and renew. It is why prayer and sending well wishes is helpful when someone is sick. Our thoughts can in a way affect and direct the flow of God's love. We angels work to direct this love too. As you know, our spirit bodies are made of energy. There are seven main energy centers commonly known as chakras. Love flows into these chakras, typically starting with the crown chakra and travels downward through the body and eventually out the root chakra and into the earth. As people go about their lives on the earth plane they often pick up energies which are out of harmony with God's love. This energy which is dense and heavy can get stuck in the spiritual body and affect the physical body. Think of the seven chakras as the organs of the spirit body. Much like the physical organs, heart, brain, liver … the spirit body's energy centers are the organs. When these get bogged down by negative energy, the flow of God's love can become stuck and in some cases stopped. There are many techniques we can use to get the flow of God's love moving through our spirit bodies. The first step is always prayer. Pray for God's divine love to come to your soul. There are also techniques of movement such as yoga as well as other forms of energy healing which can help the flow of energy and heal our spirit bodies. As you know, energy can never be destroyed, but it can be altered. The flow of love can always be restored. When we practice healing our spiritual bodies, our physical bodies benefit as well. We begin to feel better and become healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Be well, we love you. God bless you.

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