Light Worker: 9/7/20

Dear brother, you are being called into light working service. In fact, you always have been. Receive our guidance. Light workers are much needed in today's tumultuous world. At it's core, light workers are here to serve humanity, be channels of love and healing for humanity. Light workers are servants of God. Serve you fellow man. We see your thoughts wondering on how you will prepare. Yes, it is wise to consider these thoughts, but fear not, when the time comes you will be ready. You will be guided. Be attuned to this guidance. We will infuse your thoughts in times to come. When a strong impression comes to mind, record it as you have been doing. Trust your thoughts and impressions. Know we are with you and let go of expectations. Watch for signs. A virus spike may occur, fighting in the streets will continue, you and your loved ones will be protected. Your needs will be provided for. That is our promise. All will fall into place at the divine right time. Meditation and prayer are keys. Do these often. We love you, our love is with you always.

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