Life after Death: 10/14/20

Dear brother, thank you for taking time to connect with us today. We would like to say a few words about life after death. As you know, death does not exist. It is merely a passage into another plane of existence. Like a caterpillar leaving it's cocoon and becoming a butterfly. Yes the spirit body is like a beautiful butterfly ready to spread it's wings. When a soul leaves it's physical body for all eternity it is often a joyous occasion. Many times a soul is met by loved ones in spirit and there is a happy reunion. The soul then stays for as long as it likes. There is an adjustment period, for it takes time to get familiar with the workings of spirit, but like a child learning to ride a bike, once they've got it off they go. The soul will move on to a new plane of existence in the spirit world that matches the vibration of it's soul, based on the spiritual development of that soul. There are seven main spiritual spheres and within those spheres, millions of varying planes of existence. These spheres are designed to help a soul progresses further in it's development. For as we've said before, your life on earth is merely kindergarten. You wouldn't expect a kindergartener to take his college entrance exam would you? No, more work and preparation needs to be done. The journey towards perfection and the Kingdom of Heaven is a long journey. When a soul reaches a certain level of perfection it naturally moves onto a higher spiritual plane. The spiritual planes are infinite, for we are always growing, but at a certain point you reach the gates of the Kingdom of God. In order to enter the kingdom a soul must be perfected and filled with God's divine love. The final transformation phase is a gift from God. We can not do this by ourselves. Only God can complete the final phase, much like the biblical story of the transfiguration. Once this takes place a soul is ready to enter the kingdom in all it's glory where it will reside for all eternity. Thank you for taking this message. We love you. God bless you. Our love is with you.

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