Kingdom of Heaven: 10/22/20

Dear Friend, peace be with you. Thank you for starting your day with prayer and taking the time to connect with spirit. We are with you. We are always near. Call on us often, for we never tire. Life in our world is much different than life in your world. We do not have the physical requirements that you do. We do not have the obligations of earth life that you do. What is the Kingdom of Heaven like you ask? Well, there is only one way to find out. You must experience it for yourself. We would love to give you a description, but the truth is that there is nothing on your world that we could compare heaven to. It is truly beyond your capacity to comprehend what life is like in heaven. For us, we live to serve God and others. That is whey we love to communicate and guide you and millions of others on your planet. We never tire of this. Serving God fills us with such joy and gives us such fulfillment that we require nothing else. We do not eat. We do not sleep. We never tire of this work, because it is not work for us. We are never agitated. We never feel "stressed out" as you would say, for we never feel tense. We are perfected souls. We have no ego. We no longer feel and experience the lower human emotions. We have no sense of competition with one another, for all that we do is in perfect harmony with the laws of God. We see your thoughts, often the thought pops into your mind that if you could buy anything, what would your buy? Often, you come up with nothing because you have all that you need. This is an understated example of what life is like in the Kingdom of Heaven, but there is truly nothing on your earth to compare it to. In heaven we have all that we need. We only desire to give love to others. The road to perfection is long, pray often, God's divine love is the key to transforming your soul, the key to eliminating all that is out of harmony with his love. Peace be with you. God bless you. We love you. God loves you always. Be well.

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