Inner Voice: 12/20/20

Dear soul and brother on the divine love path. Thank you for connecting with spirit this morning. Pray often for the gift of divine love. Prayer does not require worlds or phrases. The only requirement is a heart felt yearning to be with God and to receive his gift. God will send the holy spirit to you. The holy spirit is a messenger of sorts. The messenger that brings divine love to your soul and fills it based on your yearning for this love. God communicates through your soul. He has given each person a divine spark which is a part of his essence. A part of God lives inside you. This has many names. It matters not what you call it. It's our higher self, our conscious, our moral compass, and thought adjuster. It's the small still voice that speaks to us all and guides us throughout our lives. This voice can be pushed out by the mind, but it will never leave you. Meditation is the key. When we take time to sill our thoughts we can have a much easier time hearing the guidance of God. It can be somewhat difficult at times to hear his voice and to follow it. Prayer and meditation are the keys. Many people will ask this voice, "what's my purpose? What does God want me to do?" The reason this can be a struggle for so many is due to the law of free will. You weren't created by God to be programmed like a computer or a robot. God wants you to choose. God wants you to be a co-creator with him. Choosing and discovering our gifts are part of the journey. The purpose of the journey is to form and create you unique identity and personality. Each is different. Each person is unique and precious to God. Listening to our inner voice and consciousness will help steer us to our gifts and guide us on our journey. Listen to this voice and learn to trust in it. It won't always be easy. Sometimes the answers are difficult, but deep down we always know that they are the right answers for us because they come from God and they will lead us to the best possible results and outcomes. We love you. God bless you.

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