Healing Powers of Divine Love: 11/29/20

Dear friend and soul on the divine love spiritual path. Be of good cheer, know that you are surrounded by light and love. When we set our thoughts and intentions on God and love then that is what we will receive, for the universe is a great mirror, reflecting back to us what we give. Too many people on your world seek material things, believing they will bring them comfort and peace. This will only provide temporary relief. The emotions run high, but will wane before long, leaving an empty hollow feeling. We do not condone the pursuit of materials things, but they will not bring the everlasting peace and soul contentment that God's divine love will bring. When we seek divine love we naturally begin loose the power and pull that material things have over us. This is also true for people who struggle with addictions. When addiction takes hold of a person it is their thoughts that become difficult to change. Divine love helps to heal the mind. A person may become obsessed with the thought of where and when they will get their next drink. For the addict, this mindset is very common. When this person prays, divine love enters the soul and slowly begins to change the mindset of the person who is struggling. You can see this in the famous treatment program Alcoholics Anonymous. The steps to recovery include a person surrendering their illness to the control of God. When a person commits in their heart to this, God will send divine love to aid in the healing process. This love works it's way into the person's soul and begins to affect the mind, helping them break free of the mindset of an addict. Psychology is beginning to understand the importance of a spiritual component to the various treatment programs that are designed to help people recover from addiction. Whenever someone reaches out to God for help, he will never withhold this help. Divine love is not always an easy path to follow. It creates a deep desire for change and higher pursuits. Much inner work needs to be done to heal from aliments of the mind and soul, but love is the key to this healing. These truths also apply to the lower spiritual realms. These realms which are lacking in love and light can be difficult to overcome without the grace and love of God. It is God's divine love that will help a soul rise out of it's darkness and despair. There are many angels and high spirits that also aid in this process. Divine love helps us to advance no matter where we are on our spiritual journey. May God's love be with you today. Be well. We love you. God bless you.

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