Healing Powers of Divine Love: 1/6/21

Dear brother and divine love student. We bring our love and support. We are with you always. We never tire of bringing the truth of God's love to his children everywhere in both the physical world and the spiritual realms. The spirit realm is busy with life, much like the physical realm. The physical realm is but a short flash, a tiny piece of time compared to your eternal life. This is an important period for it lays the foundation for your spiritual relationship with God. Many on earth lose sight of their true spiritual nature and their purpose which is to explore and cultivate this relationship. This relationship with God is built on faith and divine love. We have told you many times that divine love has the power to renew and heal. Many on earth and in spirit suffer from aliments of the emotional and mental aspects of life. These can be healed and strengthened through prayer for divine love. Divine love has the power to heal mental or physical illness, but often it requires a significant level of faith to bring a full instantaneous healing. Healing through divine love is a gradual process. As we pray for divine love from God, it is brought by the holy spirit and slowly enters the soul. Gradually this substance of God, his love, cleans and renews the errors of our minds and physical bodies. Often, our own negative thoughts create certain illnesses of the mind and body. However, it is important to know that this is not always the case, for there are many factors that could cause illness; genetics, diet, and environment. Divine love serves to aid us in the recovering from our ailments. Divine love gives us hope and a renewed strength of spirit that will help us fight whatever ails us. Be well today. Pray and meditate. Know that we love you and God loves all of his children. God bless you.

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