God's Transforming Energy: 9/24/20

Dear friend, student, and brother...thank you for taking our message today. We certainly enjoy the opportunity to come and speak to you. Know that God is love. We are always with you. We are just a prayer away. Yes, a perk of being in the spirit, we travel by thought. We are not subject to the natural and physical laws that you are subject to while you are in your physical body. Yes, it is true that life in the spiritual spheres is easier than life on your world so long as your soul is in harmony and alinement with God. Being a soul who is in alignment with God is not a complex matter, for God designed his laws to be understood by all his children, one does not need a highly developed mind in order to progress in the spiritual spheres. One does however need a highly developed soul. Soul progression is the true path to our father's kingdom. How does one achieve soul progression? You simply just need to ask. Go to God in prayer or meditation, ask God to fill your soul with his divine love. This love is the essence of God's soul. This gift is given freely by God to all who sincerely ask for it. This love is the energy that transforms the soul and causes the soul to grow in the likeness of God. You can at times feel this love and energy in your soul. The great Christian mystical writers talked about feeling heat and bliss. The disciples and followers of Jesus often experienced this heat saying "our hearts were on fire" when the master Jesus was near. The reason they felt this fire and heat when Jesus was near is that Jesus had a soul so filled with God's love that the energy would spill over and be felt by the souls of those near by. They could always feel this great and powerful love that Jesus had for them and for all people. Do ask and do pray for this love and do this often, for God is very humble. He will never violate human free will. You must ask. Be well my friend, our love is with you. God loves you and the world deeply. God bless you. Stay well. We are always near.

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