God's Love: 9/15/20

Dear brother, we are here. Thank you for the invitation to come and deliver a message today. Thank you for the lovely prayer. Beginning each day with prayerful intention will set the tone for your day. This is a wise and lovely practice. It helps to establish a connection with God that will remain strong throughout the day. If your mind begins to wander from God, simply stop and turn your thoughts back towards him and the connection will quickly be reestablished. God is always near so there is no need for fear or concern that he is not. Many people believe God lives far away, sitting on some cloud in the sky, but the truth is that God's presence can be felt everywhere, from the highest heavens to the lowest planes of existence in the universe. God's love reaches out to all who sincerely seek it. God never imposes on your free will, he will only give his gift of divine love to those who want it. This is his hearts desire, to have each of his children reach out to him, coming to him in sincere prayer and seeking his love. There are many poor and unfortunate souls in your world and in our world of spirit who are simply unaware of this great and powerful healing gift of God's divine love. This love is the essence of God's soul. It has power to change and heal even the most broken soul. There are many planes of existence in the spiritual realms where God's light is very dim, you refer to these destitute places as lower realms or hells. Yes, many unfortunate souls reside here, but God's love is always reaching out to these folks. It is untruth and great error to believe that these lower spiritual realms are designed by God to punish wicked souls for all eternity, for this is simply not true. These beliefs belong in the dark ages. Be positive, for truth is coming to the world. Change is upon you. The Golden Age will be the new reality when these changes are complete. You will experience a world that is more aligned with the harmony of God's love. The work is great, the workers are few. Please continue to write, pray, and meditate. Share your knowledge with others when it feels appropriate to do so. Not everyone will understand, and that is ok. Sometimes a small kernel of truth will fall onto the ears of the recipient and they may not realize it at the time, but down the road they will remember and they will come to know truth. They will experience the love that is behind the message. We love you dear friend. God bless you, our love is with you.

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