God's Divine Love: 12/14/20

Dear friend and soul on the divine love path. The divine love of God holds the key to salvation of man and spirits. This truth is simple. God's love is simple. There is no hidden mystery or riddle to solve. Ask God for the gift of this transforming love and energy and he will give it to those who sincerely and humbly seek it. This is God's promise. He will never withhold his gift, for God desires all his children to partake in his gifts. God has prepared a special place for each soul in his great kingdom. It is up to each individual soul to come to God and accept this gift. The love of God will transform the soul, refining and polishing it into something beautiful, the beautiful creation you were made to be. The soul is eternal. The soul was made in the likeness of God for God is a great soul. Share this love with others. Teach others by being an example of this love. Some may not have the ability or desire to comprehend the laws and nature of the spiritual world and realms, but all have the ability to understand the nature of God's divine love, for God designed this love to be felt by the soul and not through the mind. The mind can certainly grasp a mental concept of divine love, but the soul is the instrument that holds and feels this love. Feel this love and warmth deep within your heart and soul. Allow it to flow through you and in you, for when we allow the love of God to flow it will be felt and experienced by the world around us. May God's love be with you and all people today. We love you. God bless you. Have the courage to live your own spiritual truths and to follow you own unique path to God.

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