God is flooding the world with Light: 10/2/20

Dear brother, good morning, may God's divine love be with you in your soul. Yes, God is flooding the world with light. This may be hard to believe from your earthly perspective, but rest assured it is the truth. The light of God's love is forcing humanity to look into the darkness. Most people do not want to do this, for looking into the darkness of the soul is not a pleasant endeavor, but it is necessary, especially during times like these when there is so much darkness in and around your world. It is not like that where we live, for we live on a spiritual plane far above the earth plane. Here there is only light and love. If humanity could only see the beauty of the spiritual heavens, they would truly be awe struck. But, as it is, there is much darkness on the earth plane. God's light is shining on the darkness, it is why you see so much chaos on your earth. One must be willing to look into the darkness in order to fix what is out of harmony and alignment with God's laws of love, for much on your earth is out of harmony with God's love. Many do not want or are unwilling to peer into this darkness. It is unpleasant work, but vital to the spiritual growth of humanity. Humanity needs to look within. Each individual is responsible for his or her own soul growth and development. No one else can do this but the individual. It is about connecting and cultivating a direct connection and loving relationship with God. No preacher or pastor, book or religion, can do this. Not even the master Jesus can do this for somebody. Each soul needs to do this for themselves. Outer teachings and spiritual leaders like Jesus can help to guide us, but ultimately it is each person who must come to God in earnest and sincere prayer for his divine love to bring light to their souls. It starts with prayer. Ask God to shed light on these dark spots. Ask God to replace the dark spots on you soul with light. Fill those holes with love. Light will help us to see the dark spots, the spots that haven't been so loving and that are out of harmony. Humanity is beginning to see this now. The pandemic, racial relations, many Americans are seeing this darkness and beginning to say "hey, we need to do this better, we need to be more loving and take care of one another." There are many still who refuse to see the truth of this darkness, they want to deny it or pretend it doesn't exist, but rest assured that God will continue to flood the world with light until many more eyes are open and real lasting change and love comes to the world. God bless you.

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