Go Beyond the Mind

Good morning dear friend. We love you dearly. God loves you dearly. If you could only know how much, if humanity only knew the depth of love God has for them, the world would truly become heaven on earth. How did the truth become lost? How does God remain hidden to so many? Well, to be honest, it has a lot to do with how the mind has become the dominate tool mankind uses to understand the world around him. The mind is a great tool, but also a great distraction. The mind seeks to make sense of things. The mind sees what it wants to see. The trick is to set the mind aside. Set aside assumptions and beliefs. When we set aside our minds the heart and soul can come forward and we learn to reside in the soul and not the mind. There are many faithful people in the world whom have a great level of love for God and his creation, but they are stuck in their minds. They are stuck in their beliefs, which unfortunately holds them back from achieving greater spiritual growth. In many ways the mind can be a barrier to true spiritual progress. You see evidence of this amongst people who cling very tightly to certain religions beliefs and traditions. They become unwilling to let these beliefs go and to transcend them. For to achieve greater spiritual growth, one must go beyond religious belief. One must be willing to look past this, for God truly is love. God is not so much concerned about what is in your mind. God is concerned about what is in your heart. Learn to free yourself from the limits of the mind and you will learn to be in the soul. You will be in the spirit. This is a great challenge on the spiritual path. We all go through it my friend. We here in the higher spiritual realms all went through it. Many of us are still working through some of it, for it is a great challenge indeed. Fear not, as we have told you many times, the road to spiritual perfection is long, but God is not bound by time. There are no limits for God. He is patient. He will wait for you to come. He is waiting for all his children to come. For every single soul on the earth and in the spiritual realm is precious to God and deeply, deeply loved. God bless you dear friend. May God's light shine through you and into the world. Be a channel of love. We love you. God loves you.

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