Free Energy

Dear brother, may God's love and the peace that passes all understanding be with you on this day in your journey closer to the kingdom of Divine Love. Each day is a gift. Each day is a blessing, for each day allows you to grow, learn, serve, and become a more perfected soul. God does not require us to live the perfect earth life. What God desires for our lives on earth is that we try and grow each day. There will be ups and downs. There will be set backs, but overall there will be much spiritual growth. God has many gifts waiting for his children, waiting for humanity. These gifts will be given when the time is right. Some gifts require humankind to reach a higher spiritual level. We've mentioned zero point energy. This is a real possibility. The spiritual realm is waiting, working to bring this to the world, but the current mindset of humanity is not ready to accept this gift. Much work needs to be done in order for mankind to be able to accept this gift. The current mindset of profits over people needs to lessen. For if this gift were to come to the world now, the temptation for greed would be too much for humanity. Certain entities would try to control this gift and make it their own rather than see it as a gift to the world, a gift freely given by God to everyone. The current changes taking place on earth will eventually lead to a time where mankind can receive this gift and freely give it to others, for zero point energy will be free for everyone. It will change the landscape of the world. It will change how business is done. It will change how people live. It will change the mindset of millions, pushing them into a more loving and spiritual mindset. Zero point energy will be free energy. You will power your home, vehicles, businesses, technology with it all for free. No one will be able to profit from this energy. Like the sun's energy growing a beautiful garden, it will be a true gift from God. This will come about when mankind has learned how to access it, partly through the mind, but mostly through the soul. God bless you. May peace be yours today. We love you. God loves you dearly.

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