Find your Wilderness: 12/26/20

Dear friend and divine love soul. Today is another day to continue your journey towards God and his Kingdom. God wants nothing more from his children than to build a loving relationship with them. When we reach out and connect with God all things will be given. God has prepared many gifts for us and he awaits for them to be opened. Prayer and meditation are the keys to connecting with God and building a relationship with him. As God's love flows into your soul a connection is formed. Little by little this love and connection builds and becomes stronger. As the holiday season comes and goes many will struggle to build a connection to God. This is because there are so many distractions in your world, and so much darkness at times. The mind becomes dominate over the soul. The mind is easily caught up in the distractions of the world and often the soul gets pushed aside. Know that God is always reaching out, regardless of what goes on in the world, even when things seem bleak for so many. God is reaching out. Many have spent the holiday season in isolation from friends and family. While this can be difficult, know that God is reaching out, hoping we will reach back. Use the isolation as a time to connect with God and build that relationship with him. Jesus did this often during his time on earth. He often went into the wilderness to pray and connect with God. When we isolate we can free ourselves from the many distractions of the world. God will use any means he can to reach out to others, even difficult times like a pandemic. Do not waste the time given, use it to strengthen your relationship. Pray for God's love to fill your soul. Divine love is the key, as this love fills your soul, you will be blessed and you will continue to grow closer to the father in heaven. We love you. God loves you. God bless you. Be well today.

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