Eight Minute Guide to the Spirit World

Welcome to the “Eight Minute Guide to the Spirit World.” My hope in writing this guide is to give a quick, but functional overview of a few basic operations in the spiritual realm. I hear often from spirit that many folks are caught off guard when they first arrive in the afterlife. I hope to shed a little light on the subject without being overwhelming and going into too much detail. Obviously, the spiritual realm is far more vast than what can be covered in eight minutes, but I hope this guide will inspire folks to further their research and broaden their own personal understanding. I’ve studied volumes of writings and works related to the spiritual realm. This guide is based on my studies from various spiritual intuitives and writers; as well information I have received through my own meditative connections with spirit. These views are based on my personal experiences. I encourage readers to view this guide with an open mind and to use their own prayers and intuition in determining what is right for them. I’ve learned through my studies that we are all unique souls on our own unique path towards God. What’s right for me may not be right for you. The blessing here is that all paths lead to the divine, and all paths are right with God. Fear not, you are never lost and you can never fail. God is ever patient and is not limited by time. He never forces his love upon us. He will wait for our return; so take your time, discover your own truths, and enjoy your personal journey towards eternity.

Often, when a soul passes from human life to spirit life their first reaction is “this is nothing like it is on earth.” Many people believe that when they die they are instantly swept away to heaven and become all knowing and powerful. Instead, what they find is that they're pretty much the same as they’ve always been. It’s not uncommon for people to be unaware that they have died. Most folks will arrive on a spiritual plane known as the Summerlands, which is located just above the earth plane. The Summerlands can feel like heaven compared to earth, but it is far from the true Kingdom of God. The Summerlands are pleasant. I’m told that the weather is nice, 70 and sunny, but similar to the earth plane in that much negativity still exists in this realm. Often, there is a happy reunion amongst the newly arrived soul and it’s relatives who are already in spirit. There is an adjustment period where the person gets familiar with the new surroundings and used to no longer having a physical body. Once the person feels ready he/she moves onto it’s first dwelling in the spirit realm based on the development of the individual soul. There are seven main spirit spheres and multiple planes of existence within each sphere. Think of these spheres as worlds. As a soul grows in love and perfection it naturally ascends to higher spheres. There is no time limit here. A person is free to move as quickly as he/she can or take their time exploring each sphere and experiencing all that it has to offer. There are also lower spheres that exist below the earth plane. If a soul is struggling and lacking in spiritual development it will often begin its journey in the lower spheres (hint: it pays to strive to live a good and honest life on earth). These lower spheres are described as dark and lacking in light and love. Fear not, for God is always reaching out to souls who find themselves in the lower realms. Prayer is the key to transcending these lower spheres. Unfortunately, many souls are not aware that God is reaching out and they feel trapped in this level of darkness. Many have been taught that “hell is eternal” and they feel doomed. This is simply not true. God’s laws of love and growth do not allow for a soul to become stuck for eternity. Many high level spirits engage in the work of freeing souls and helping them move on to greater realms of light. If for some reason you find yourself in a state of darkness, simply ask God for help and he will send his angels. Each soul is unique and precious to God, for each brings his own experiences to the divine.

Spiritual Life:

In many ways, spiritual life is simpler than life on earth. Spirits aren’t bogged down by the physical requirements and obligations that humans need to attend to on earth. So much of our life on earth is spent working to make sure our physical needs are met. As mentioned earlier, our spirit bodies are made of energy and do not have physical requirements. Spirits do not need to eat or drink in order for their energy body to function. Spirits don’t require sleep. There is no need to work at a job that pays a wage, since they no longer need to provide for their daily physical needs. Spirits are free to pursue interests that they truly enjoy and engage in activities that resonate with their soul’s desire. Life is relatively peaceful and enjoyable, depending on the level of light and love within their spiritual sphere. There are magnificent universities and schools that allow for the study of any discipline you can imagine. Many of our great technological achievements and inventions first get their start in the spiritual realm, created by spirits who have studied and achieved much growth in mind and intellect. These loving spirits work diligently to bring these gifts to the earth plane. Another common theme I hear from spirit is that many souls seek to guide and help lower spirits and mortals who are less developed in their spiritual truths and love. Many spirits engage in this work on some level based on their own spiritual development, knowledge, and love. Spirits of all levels love to engage in intellectual and artistic pursuits; and most importantly...spread the truth of God’s love.


In the spiritual realms, there’s a much greater sense of community than there is on earth. The spirit life is very different from earth life in this matter. On earth, we are so used to being competitive with each other. We are taught by society from an early age to work hard so we can get ahead of the other guy, obtain more material goods, and thus have a better life. This mindset needs to be overcome if you are to make any type of advancement in the spirit world. In the spirit world there is no competition and all is shared and given freely. Spirits work hard to uplift one another rather than keep each other down. In some ways this is naturally easier in spirit because there isn’t competition for resources. I am told that the idea of limited resources on earth is merely an illusion of the human mind and that God created a world where everyone could have plenty. Unfortunately, this has been compromised by human greed and a desire to glorify the individual self over the whole. The spiritual realm is actively working to change this and bring a greater sense of community to the earth plane. We are learning that our actions and deeds affect one another. When one person succeeds, we all succeed. If a certain group of society is struggling to meet the basic needs of life, the entire society becomes weaker. Often, we see groups in society that are of a higher social standing, trying to keep down those of a lower standing. This mindset needs to be eliminated and has no place in the spirit realm. On earth we simply don’t see the whole picture, we don’t see the eternal life of each soul. We only see a small glimpse. If a person is struggling with life on earth, there is a good chance that the person will grow from these struggles and become a great and advanced spirit someday. Seek to uplift and do not judge others. We never fully know the true potential of a soul.

Communication in Spirit:

Communication in spirit occurs telepathically, or mind-to-mind. Since the spirit body is made of energy it has no physical organs. It does not have a voice box or vocal cords. Communication in the spiritual realm is much more precise and accurate. For example, here on earth, if I were to describe my childhood home to you, I would have to do so using words and at best I could only give you a rudimentary description. You may get an image in your mind, but chances are that image would be distorted from the true picture of my childhood home that I was trying to convey. If we were both in the spiritual realm, I would simply have to imagine my childhood home in my mind and then project that image to you. You would be able to see and read what I was envisioning in my mind. You would receive a precise image of how my childhood home looked based on how I remembered it. As you can see, communication is much more precise. This also eliminates language and cultural barriers. Words are not needed in spirit communication.


One of the quickest ways to advance in the spiritual realm is to pray for God’s gift of divine love. Divine love is different from love as we think of it on earth. Divine love is made of the essence or energy of God. This love is given freely to those to seek and ask for it. God never forces this gift upon us. We must ask. God will never violate his law of free will. Divine love has the energy and power to cleanse and heal our souls. The more we have, the more we become like God in thought and action. This does not mean we are transformed into God, for God is alone and nobody is higher, but we become more loving and spiritual. We can begin this process while on the earth plane as well. Simply pray and ask God to fill your soul with his gift of divine love. Often, we can feel this energy. Some describe it as “heat” in the chest or even a slight pain in the middle of the body. Do this often, for divine love comes little by little and slowly transforms the soul. If it came all at once, I’m told that we would be overwhelmed by its power. God will never give us more than we are ready for. As we advance upon our spiritual path we are continually engaging in a process of transcending our current state of mind, always reaching for a higher level of consciousness and awareness. This is an ongoing process and will continue for eternity. Our human minds are unable to comprehend the details of this, but God is said to be in a continuous state of creation, always transcending his current state and reaching to higher levels.

Practical Advice:

Don’t take life too seriously. Our lives on earth are a very important time, but we are only here for a brief moment compared to eternity. Think of the earth life as kindergarten, an important step but not something to fret about. Many times, high spirits describe their lives on earth as “distant childhood memories.” I don’t mean to make light of our lives here on earth and I know many struggle from day to day, but please remember that you are never truly lost. Life is often a series of challenges that are designed to help us grow, but not break us. You wouldn’t judge a person for something they did when they were in kindergarten would you? Give yourself the same grace. If things don’t go the way you would like them too, learn from the experience and move on. Do not cling to things of the past, for when we let go of the past, God is able to bring in the new. Embrace new experiences while on earth even if they seem daunting at times. We take our experiences and growth with us into spirit when we leave this earth. Our life on earth is meant to prepare us for our eternal life in spirit.


I hope you’ve found this “Eight Minute Guide to the Spiritual World” to be informative. Strive to live a spiritual life and embrace your personal journey. Pray for God’s divine love to fill your soul. Words are not needed, just set your thoughts on the divine and God will respond. Follow the Golden Rule and someday you will find yourself standing at the Gates of Heaven. The journey is long so learn to take the ups with the downs. Know that you have many friends in spirit waiting for your call and guiding you towards your eternal home. Be well. God bless you.

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