Economics in America: 9/30/20

Dear brother, first, know that God loves you. Know that we love you, know that you are love. We have said this before, the changes that the earth and humanity are going through will not be easy for anyone. These challenges are meant to remove the blinders that are currently over the eyes of the people. You are right to feel frustrated. American's have the right to demand serious leadership. America must choose which direction they want to go, but rest assured that these changes will come regardless of the choices of man, for God has decried these changes. God has declared that these changes must come for the betterment and spiritual growth of his children. These difficult times are not the result of any type of punishment from God, these difficult times are the result of man's inhumanity towards mankind. The pandemic is partly fueled by America's current economic state. In many ways, the American economy is built on sand. America may appear to have an abundance of wealth on paper, but the reality is that while the abundance is great, the bounty has been denied to so many. So many people live pay check to pay check. They have no future savings. If America was truly wealthy this would not be so. Basic economics come into play. If you have two islands with 10 people on each island and each island produces 100 coconuts, what good does it do for one person to have 99 coconuts? The rest would starve and become weak. The American island is weak indeed. Much better would it be if one person had 60 coconuts and the remaining 9 people had 40 to split between them. If your daily requirement is one coconut per day, each person would receive their daily ration and still have 3 coconuts to save. Life on this island is good. Everyone is strong and healthy with plenty of coconuts to share. So you see, it is much better to share the bounty as it creates a much stronger island. It is true that you do not need to share equally, for if the work isn't equal, the spread should be uneven. There is great truth in that you reap what you sow, but when the scales become so unbalanced as they are now in America, it creates an unhealthy economy and weakens the nation. The truth is that God has created a world with enough food to feed the world 3 times over, but sadly much is lost to the greed of man. This will all change. This is God's plan, change will come regardless of man's choices. We love you, God bless you.

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