Earth's Changing Energies: 12/8/20

Dear soul and friend. It is good to connect with you this morning. Take time to balance your thoughts and energy. As we have said, morning prayer and contemplation will set the tone for the day, allowing a bridge to be formed between us. Now is a time for prayer and preparation as change continues to come to the earth. These changes are meant to bring humanity closer and into further alignment with God's laws of love and harmony. Do not fear these changes, but embrace them with an open mind and open heart. Feel the shifting energies around the earth. Much of the earth's energy is heavy and dark right now. Light and love is the antidote. Many suffer and are fatigued by the current pandemic, this is understandable. Many fear and resist the changes that are forth coming. Change is never easy, but necessary for the world to become a more harmonious and loving place. Love must rule the world. Your world simply can not continue on its current path of materialism and individualism. The earth is unable to withstand these energies. You see evidence of this in the shifting weather patterns and changing climate. These are serious concerns and must be taken into account, for if they are not, future suffering will occur. We don't mean to bring such an ominous warning, but we wish to express the truth. More change will come to the earth. Prepare your heart and mind with prayer. God will continue to help you, and all those who seek him to navigate these changes. Put your fears and concerns about the future to the side. Know that God will always guide. We are all connected. Opportunities will present themselves. These opportunities will to be of service, to show others the path of love and light. Pray for these opportunities to come. Seek these opportunities to serve, for when we give we also receive. Trust in this truth, for it is a great spiritual law. God will give to those who give freely to others. Peace be with you. Be well. We love you. God bless you.

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