Divine Love Makes All Things New: 1/4/21

Dear brother and friend on the divine love spiritual path. Thank you for your prayers and for connecting with spirit today. The new year is upon the earth. A new year is often time for reflection and goal setting. Many people are looking to start over or start fresh. Like the biblical saying, "I make all things new," the new year is a great time for just that. Fresh starts, and making things new again. We encourage you and many others to focus on building a new relationship with the father through his gift of divine love. Divine love also makes things new. Divine love has many healing properties that allow us to start with a fresh mind and heart. Divine love has the power to erase the things of that past that we cling to out of fear or for no particular reason other than it feels comfortable, even though it may not be good for us. Many errors of thinking and of the mind are healed and cleansed with divine love. Divine love also aids in the proper functioning of our physical bodies. Our mental health and clarity will improve and strengthen with the gift of Divine love. Little by little, God's divine love will enter our souls and cleanse our hearts, minds, and bodies. As we go through daily life, it is common for us to pick up energies that are somewhat harmful to our spiritual systems. These can be energies of stress, frustration, and disappointment. As these lower energies swirl around us, they can often make us feel tired and down. When divine love enters the soul, it swirls and cleanses these low energies and dissipates them, dissolving them away like bar of soap on dirt. Pray for this gift of love, pray often. God will only grant this gift if we ask for it. Look forward to a year filled with divine love and a renewed relationship with God. Let go of worries and troubles, for they serve to distract us and bring us down. Know that all is well. We love you. God bless you. Be well today.

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