Divine Love is Unconditional: 12/16/20

Dear friend and divine love soul. Thank you for connecting with us this morning. We love you. God loves you and all people of the world. Love is the key. Love is what Jesus taught, as well as many other great spiritual teachers who have come to the world. Your world is often devoid and lacking of love. Many will teach of love, but far less will truly practice love. Love at it purest form is unconditional, for it is love that comes from the divine. God is the source of all unconditional love. Many on the earth plane practice conditional love. Conditional love comes from the mind and not the soul. People will be loving towards one another only if certain conditions are met. This is an error, for it can often reinforce beliefs in the mind that a person is unlovable unless the meet certain requirements. People begin to believe that they must act or be a certain way to be worthy of love. This is not the way of God. God requires nothing of you. He give his love freely. You do need to seek this love in order to receive it, however. This is due to the spiritual law of free will. God will never violate his law of free will. What we are teaching here is that God doesn't require any type of sacrifice. You don't need to prove yourself worthy to God in order to receive his love. Many ancient civilizations practiced animal sacrifice and sometimes human sacrifice. This does not bring pleasure to God. These ancient peoples had a rudimentary and limited understanding of the nature of God. Mankind has made some progress, but is still very much lacking in true understanding. God sends his teachers into the world and will continue to do so. Teachers come in all ways. The purest of teachers are those who will lead by example. They strive to be of loving service to themselves, their families, and their neighbors and communities. Strive to be this example. Love is simple. Love is unconditional. Be a channel of love in the world and love will be returned to you. God bless you. We love you.

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