Cultivating Joy: 10/12/20

Dear brother and fellow soul traveler on the divine love path towards the Kingdom of God. We wish to deliver a message on joy today. Yes, joy must be cultivated in one's life in order to feel healthy and happy. We must set our intentions on joy for when we focus our thoughts and hearts on joy, joy is what we will receive. This principle is very much true in all areas of life. What we focus on, what we set our intentions on is what we will receive. Some call this the law of attraction. You may call this whatever you wish, but the mechanics behind this spiritual law are exact. The laws of attraction are powerful, more so in the spiritual realms. Often times on earth it seems as if you're thrown into a random mix of people and situations, but in fact, you have drawn certain people and situations to you based on your thoughts and soul desires. The universe is always working in the background to draw new experiences to you. These experiences may come in the form of thoughts, ideas, inspirations, circumstances, opportunities, and people. The possibilities are endless. This law is even more exact and precise in the spiritual realm, for in our world we do not have the physical limitations that you do. The moral of our message today is to remind you and others to set your focus and intentions on positive things. You get to chose. That is God's gift. Be sure to chose wisely, for when we focus on negative things we will receive those energies as well. God truly allows his law of free will to have free reign. Fear not, that's why we are here. That's why each mortal has angels to guide him on the journey towards the Kingdom. Peace be with you. We love you. God loves you. Our love is with you. God bless you.

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