Community: 11/9/20

Dear friend and brother, traveler on the spiritual path to the kingdom of God. We thank you for the opportunity to come and deliver a message on community this morning. God is moving humanity toward a greater sense of community. In your country, many have an individualistic mindset. Much of your country's values are based on individualism. While this is not necessarily bad, it is unsustainable in the long run. Humanity will always need to rely on one another in order to grow on a spiritual level. All individual souls are an extension of the soul of God. We are all connected to him and to one another. You truly are your brother's keeper. Too many on your world only look out for themselves. This is due to fear. God did not design the world to be this way. God designed the world so that all may live in abundance and harmony. Sharing what they have and giving to one another. Native American cultures and societies functioned much in this manner. People lived and worked to gain material things, but they did so with a mindset of giving. This takes spiritual growth and understanding. There is a great spiritual law that is perfect in it's operation that states that what you give is returned to you. Often, more is returned then what was given. Trust in the truth of this law, for it is perfect in it's workings, for it was designed by God to be perfect. God is flooding the world with light. This is part of his great plan. This light and love of God will slowly shift the mindsets of many people away from individualism and towards the community. More focus will be placed on raising up the whole of society, for when we do this much change and growth will come. These are good things. These are blessings from God. Be well today. Know that you and all people are loved by God beyond measure. We love you. God bless you.

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