Choosing Inner Peace: 11/3/20

Dear friend and fellow traveler, seeker of God's divine love. Peace is our message for today. Choose peace, for peace is always the best choice. There is much tension in your world today. We in the spirit can feel it too, although we are not affected by it like you are. We chose peace when we are focused on God's great love. God protects us and provides for all our needs. Tonight there is an election in your country. Many folks on both sides of the isle are feeling great stress and tension today. This is due to the duality consciousness. People hold in their minds what they perceive is the truth. People look for validation of how they think the world should be. This is common in your world because so many are accustomed to viewing the world around them through the mind and not through the soul. In order to awaken your soul you need to pray for God's divine love. As the energy of God's love fills and awakens the soul, the mind begins to see the world in a new way. This is the way of love, peace, and goodwill towards others. Choose to view the world through the eyes of the soul and not through the eyes of the mind. The mind is often filled with fears, doubts, and half truths. Put your mind aside. Use whatever techniques resonate with you. Meditation and prayer will free the mind and open the soul. Fear not, for God has a plan for the salvation of the world. When people are divided like they are in your world, the solution is to put aside the mind and perceived truths. Humanity must come together in love and learn to grow spiritually. For if mankind chooses to continue following what he believes the world should be, there is potential for suffering. This is not because God wants people to suffer. This is because of the laws of karma, compensation, cause and effect, and reaping what you sow. These laws are meant to guide men to the truth. They are not meant to punish. Some lessons are harder to learn than others, but all lessons will lead to God. Be well today and always. Our love is with you. Spread this love to the world. God bless you.

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