Changes and Challenges Ahead: 11/11/20

Dear friend and student on the spiritual path of God's divine love. We come this morning to bring you comfort and encouragement. As we have said many times, your world, the earth is going through a significant period of change. The changes will continue. Some will feel intense. Fear not, know that these changes are in response to the prayers of millions, asking God for a better way. God has designed the world to be a peaceful and harmonious place. Much darkness consumes your world. As more light is brought forth, the darkness will lift. This will not be as easy as it sounds, for change is always difficult. There will be growing pains. Many in your world are stuck in their ways, stuck in their thinking. God's love is working to change this. Humanity will move from religion to spirituality, from individual towards community, from profit towards people first. The current situation in your world will help people to slowly see the need for this change. People will turn from the distractions of their daily lives and put more focus on finding their spiritual truths and potentials. They will be overjoyed to discover the gifts that God has placed in their souls. In a world with so much distraction, people forget to look. Even under difficult circumstances such as a global pandemic, God is reaching out to people in their isolation. Many have turned to God during this difficult time and have found his gift of divine love, while discovering many talents they didn't know they had. Fear not, not all is lost. The current political landscape in America is in crisis. God will use any opportunity to help souls see this for what it is, desperate men seeking to keep power and control by any means necessary. This is unfortunate, but has played out before many times throughout history. People will begin to see this and turn from Politian's. Too many people place too much emphasis and importance on Politian's and world leaders. People will turn towards God and truth, and away from Politian's who only seek personal gain. There is much deception and conspiracy in your world that is simply a lie and an illusion. This is created by lower energies that seek the destruction of man. God will shine his light on these dark energies and bring love to the world. That is his promise. Be well. Our love is with you today and always. God bless you.

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