Change is coming to the Earth: 8/28/20

Good morning, thank you for writing. We have seen the internal strife that you have been experiencing. Fear not, we will be and are currently guiding you through the turmoil. It may not always be evident, but rest assured, we are surrounding you with protective spiritual light. It does make our connection weaker when you allow your thoughts to turn darker. It is understandable given the circumstances in your world, we are not condemning. We do encourage you to struggle to overcome the negative energy and vibration these thoughts create. This is no easy task. Everyone on your planet is experiencing this negative energy to some degree as the world continues to go through growing pains and change. Souls who are on earth at this time have an important collective mission that will propel mankind forward. Humanity will be better off in the long run after these changes have taken place and peace is once again restored. This peace will be a long lasting. The changes forthcoming are not easy, but this is necessary for true change to come. You are right in your thinking that in order for true and lasting changes to take hold sometimes you need to get "kicked in the teeth" as you say. This is unfortunate, but in your world it has come to this due to the free will actions of mankind. This is not a punishment from God. God wishes for peaceful change. Hope is still in the spiritual realm for peaceful change, but the current path of mankind is showing that peaceful change will be difficult. Regardless of the path mankind chooses for itself, change will come. That is God's promise. You are on the right path. Much work lies ahead for you and your fellow souls on earth. It is courageous that your soul has chosen to follow this path. The spiritual path is not an easy path, but well worth the effort. You know this. Let go of the beliefs of others at this time and turn to us. We will guide you. We love you always. Peace be with your soul. Turn to God if feeling unbalanced. Work to stay focused and so it shall be.

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